My Passion: Eating Good Food and Traveling The World.

 Andrew LIM asks, "Lei Sek Bao Mei?"
"Lei Sek Bao Mei" is a common Cantonese greeting among the older generation in Asia inquiring if one has eaten yet. Actually, to be precise, if one has eaten until he/she is full yet. Growing up in Malaysia, I would hear this greeting all the time. Keeping a full stomach is important to the older generation there. This is because they have lived through a war and realize the importance of food. I may not have lived through any war, but keeping a full stomach is also important to me.  I like to keep my stomach full with food that tastes good. I also like to impart my knowledge of eating good food, along with traveling to fun places, with others. When you happen to run into an old Asian lady who asks if you have eaten yet, I want you to be able to say "hell ya, and I ate a great tasting meal too!".

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Andrew Lim currently lives in New York City. He was born in Malaysia and came to the States to pursue his college education when he was 18. Andrew graduated with a B.A degree in Marketing from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a M.A. degree in Food Studies at New York University. An avid fan of traveling (he loves to go by the nickname "Globetrotting Asian Chap"), Andrew has been to over 60 countries. He flies frequently for work and fun.
Andrew loves to eat. He has a strong knowledge of great restaurants in many cities, especially those serving Asian food. Friends and clients of Andrew have always trusted him with giving them advice on where to dine. They have also trusted him with ordering for the table whenever he is present at the dining party. The only problem is, he tends to over order.

Andrew is a consumer trends researcher for The NPD Group, Inc. and currently works with major food and beverage companies like PepsiCo, Tim Horton's, Caribou Coffee, Univision, Panda Express and Anheuser Busch. He has researched not only the eating out trends of the Americans but also those of the Mainland Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese and Nigerians.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys traveling the world, surfing the web, cracking up jokes and eating good food of course!
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